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foundation repair birminghamIf you have broken or rotten floor sills and joists, we can fix them. If your pilings or piers are broken or crooked, we can straighten them up. If you need more support under a sagging house, we can add piers and footers to make sure your home is level for years to come.

Floor leveling can restore stability to your property and help prevent future damage when you notice signs of foundation sinking at your home, such as garage floor cracking, uneven concrete, door jams which are sticking on the striker-side of the door, windows which are difficult to either open or close.

Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists will fill the voids around your home and lift the sinking section until your home is back on a level grade. Depending on the cause of your foundation sinking, there are a number of different methods which we can employ to level the foundation.

foundation levelingOur professional teams can complete the floor leveling process efficiently and rapidly, with minimal interruption to your routine. Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists always makes customer satisfaction a top priority, so before we begin our work, we will explain our repair process in detail and ask you about your property to ensure our foundation leveling teams protect all the important features you love. Once our work begins, our project managers will ensure we keep a clean, orderly jobsite. We will also return for a follow-up inspection once your foundation grouting project is complete to verify your satisfaction with our work and that we left your property in good order.

To learn more about our floor leveling services and the other foundation repair solutions we provide, contact Southern Home Structural Repair Specialists today.

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